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Sasha Dolls - Three Volume Set

Recently a group of Sasha experts got together to write and publish the definitive reference volumes on Sasha Dolls. The first volume released was Sasha Dolls – The History by Anne Votaw with Ann Chandler and Susanna Lewis. The second volume released was Sasha Dolls – Serie Identification by Susanna Lewis and the third volume released was Sasha Dolls – Clothing and Patterns. The set as originally published  are out of print, however Sasha Dolls – Serie Identification has been republished and is available through or in bookstores throughout the World

Sasha Dolls Through the Years

Sasha Dolls Through the Years was the first definitive guide to Sasha Doll history and identification, covering the hand-made Studio Doll years through the German and English production years. Currently the book is out of print. The author Dorisanne Osborn arguably has done more for Sasha Doll fandom than anybody else. For over 17 years sheedited and published her well-nown Friends of Sasha newsletter.

Sasha Dolls

This highly coveted, rare out-of-print picture book was compiled by Michael O’Brian and has a great collection of Sasha Serie dolls from the years 1964 – 1970. Also contributing to the book are Julian Stanislaw Kalinowski and Susanna Lewis.

Sasha Doll Repairs, Restringing, Restoration

Mary Righos

Web Design

Mary Righos is recognized and revered in the Sahsa Doll community as a collector and as an expert craftsperson with Sasha Dolls. Mary treats each doll sent to her for work with the same love and devotion that she treats her own Sasha Dolls..

Contact Mary directly at

Sasha Doll Hair Re-Rooting

Jackie Rydstrom

Content Writing

Jackie Rydstrom’s Sasha Doll re-roots are gorgeous and one of a kind. Whether she is using real human hair or nylon, Jackie’s hairstyles and re-rooted hair for Sasha Dolls are known by collectors all over the World..

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The Annual Sasha Festival

The Sasha Festival
Every year Sashaphiles from here and abroad gather for a weekend of fun and comraderie. The gathering place is in a different location each year. 

The planning for future Festivals is all ready underway in England: Please visit for the upcoming location and events.

Websites Devoted to Sasha Dolls and Artist Sasha Morgenthaler

Facebook – The Sasha Doll Study Group. The most comprehensive group dealing with Sasha Morgenthaler’s life; Sasha’s handmade Studio and Course Dolls as well as the German and English production Sasha Dolls.  Complete coverage of Sasha festivals and reviews of doll auctions. The Group contains a very large media library and Sasha Doll experts to answer questions. Janet Myhill Dabbs created the group and is the Lead Moderator.

Facebook – Sasha Dolls Bazaar Dolls. This group is exclusively for the buying, selling and trading of Sasha Dolls. Created and moderated by Liss Camber.

Facebook – Sasha Dolls Bazaar Outfits. This group is exclusively for the buying, selling and trading of Sasha Doll outfits and accessories. Created and moderated by Liss Camber.

Facebook – Sasha Morgenthaler Dolls. A large group dealing with Swiss artist Sasha Morgenthaler and her Dolls. Diane Duke is the Lead Moderator.

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