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The 1990s Sasha Dolls

A Picture Catalog of the Götz Production, 1995 - 2001

Updated: October 10, 2008

   This page is a photo archive picturing all of the Sasha dolls of the second Götz production, 1995 - 2001. Each photo is a grouping of all the dolls made in each production year - the 16˝" girls and boys are together in one picture, and the 12" babies and 13" toddlers are together in the next picture.
   The dolls pictured are from my personal collection, and I do not own every variation of every doll. Therefore when a particular doll was manufactured for more than one year, my example from the first year is pictured for all the years it was made, even though in successive years there may have been variations in the clothing or eye painting style.
   You can print out the lower part of this page to use as an index to the dolls' names and style numbers. To print a large version of each picture, first click on the small picture below to show the larger version, then click the print icon on your browser. Set your printer for "landscape" so each picture will print sideways on the page. One picture will fill one page.
   You can use these pictures to provide additional, permanent pages to the publication Sasha Dolls Charts: The 1990s Götz Production, for sale at low cost on the Sales page at this website. Since it is not possible to publish color photos in the Charts, these pictures will provide large enough photos to show a reasonable amount of detail on the dolls in each photo. The pictures are meant to be used as an adjunct to the Charts, which provides full details on eye and hair colors, special hair styles, all the parts of each outfit, and commentary on the limited edition dolls, among other things.

Photographs and text © Susanna Lewis 2001.
Click on the small pictures to see larger pictures.

The 1990s Götz Production, 1995 - 2001.
      1995, girls and boys
      front row, L-R:
Laura (Disney) 95-08006,
     limited edition 50 dolls.
Angela 95-08002.
Angela (Schwarz) 95-08017,
     limited production 300 dolls.
      back row, L-R:
Maria 95-08001.
Gregor 95-08003.
Marianne 95-08004,
     limited edition 500 dolls.
     1996, girls and boys
     front row, L-R:
David 96-08008.
Laura 96-08007.
Lilly 96-08005.
     back row, L-R:
Gregor 96-08003.
Angela 96-08002.
Maria 96-08001.
     1996, babies
Celina 96-40202.
Patrick 96-40201.
Andrea 96-40203.
      1997, girls and boys
      front row, L-R:
Muriel 97-08009.
Muriel (Schwarz) 97-08009.
Luisa 97-08010.
Barbara 97-08011.

      back row, L-R:
Lilly 97-08005.
Maria 97-08001.
Laura 97-08007.
David 97-08008.
Gregor 97-08003.
      1997, babies
Claudia 97-40205.
      back, L-R:
Christina 97-40204.
Patrick 97-40201.
Lukas 97-40207.
Celina 97-40202.
     1998, girls and boys
     front row, L-R:
Anna 98-08013.
Alberto 98-08014.
Sarah 98-08012.
     back row, L-R:
Babette 98-08011.
Luisa 98-08010.
     1998, babies
Claudia 98-40205.
     back, L-R:
Lukas 98-40207.
Max 98-40209.
Bianca 98-40208.
Christa 98-40204.
      1999, girls and boys
      front row, L-R:
Annett 99-08019.
Marina 99-08022.
Trudi 99-08024.
      back row, L-R:
Alberto 98-08014.
Alice 99-08017.
Ruth 99-08020,
     limited edition 400 dolls.
      1999, babies
Max 98-40209.
      back, L-R:
Toni 99-40212.
Linda 99-40206.
Bianca 98-40208.
Jeanine 99-40210.
     2000, girls and boys
     front row, L-R:
Stella 00-08230.
Wibke 00-08229.
Michel 00-08018.
Michel (Modern) 00-08018.

     back row, L-R:
Kyra 00-08028.
Marina 99-08022.
Daniela 99-08023.
Sofie 00-08025.
     2000, babies & toddlers
Esther 00-42002.
Lena 00-40216.
Stine 00-40019.
Matti 00-40018.

Felix 00-40217.
Olli 00-42203.
Julia 00-40213.
Viktoria 00-40214.
Karin 00-40215.
      2001, girls and boys
      front row, L-R:
Leon 01-08033,
   limited edition 750 dolls.
Yamka 01-08032,
   limited edition 500 dolls.
Allan 01-08031,
   limited edition 500 dolls.

      back row, L-R:
Ivette 01-08235.
Anika 01-08236.
Carmen 01-08237.
Ira 01-08034,
   limited edition 750 dolls.
      2001, babies & toddlers
      front, L-R:
Irka 01-40223,
   limited edition 750 dolls.
Elke 01-42004.
Like 01-40225,
   limited edition 500 dolls.
Alek 01-40224,
   limited edition 500 dolls.

      back, L-R:
Claudius 01-42005.
Lena 00-40216.
Meike 01-40022.
Iona 01-42206.
Erik 01-42207.
Lars 01-40020.
Simon 01-40021.

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